First of all, any view or person from the Right is to be rejected. Mitt Romney, Milton Friedman, Ronald Reagan, Niall Ferguson  – the Reactionary Minds – all of whom are too dispiriting to even contemplate, must be given intellectual banishment. Not everything these charlatans and psycopaths say or do is perforce false or evil, but just about, enough for the remaining tribe of thinkers on this planet to give up on them as rational actors.  The Right is a monolith, in absurd and wholly unjustitifed power, so banish it.

The alleged left, however, oh boy, this is where humanity goes to truly lie down and die. There are good intentions and valid critique all over this micrometer wing, but then there is also such delusion, such disheartening lie and profound deception. Leftfraud.org is the name for these alleged purveyors of resistance, who are helping themselves to the spoils while inventing sainthood for themselves as they do so. Who are they? Read here and find out. Remember, though, there is no way out.

The fascists won an internecine struggle in World War II between the neo-liberal exceptionalist fascist  side and the lunatic race-based nationalist side, and it’s been friendly fascism ever since, with at best minor upsurges in egalitarian opposition since. And it will continue, this staggering global role of elite dispersed power that constitues our supersystem, and such awareness needs to be our understanding, not the pie-in-the-sky nonsense of the pious, ascetic gasbags of the pedantic pious micrometer left.

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