Left Forum 2012

One  prime example of leftfraud in action right now in the US is the Left Forum, to take place in March in New YOrk City. Thousands will “attend,”  thousands will give “talks,” and capitalism will be routed forevermore. Somehow, I don’t think so.

1. A closing plenary will be given by one Parson Chris Hedges, one of the top leftfrauds in dour action today. Hedges has been a fully mobbed-up member of the elite throughout his life, going to Harvard Divinity School, working for the New York Times corproation, now writing weekly screeds against  atheists, liberals, and other  targets  of his parson’s wrath. His is a public martyrdom, ascetic and churlish in the extreme, hermetic and insensate.

2.  So last year he publicly lambastes the Left Forum for being insufficiently like himself, and then it rewards him by having him do the plenary address to the faithful this year. Imagine having to sit through this pedantic, self-reverential latter-day Ghandi-lite’s latest psychic disintegration, brought to you by the bitch-slapped board of the Left Forum.  What a fun day.

3. Lest you get too carried away with your righteous defense of poor PArson Hedges now, I will point out that he is a conservative, pious fraud, not in any way “left.” Left Forum has repeated its own conservative anti-atheist bias by featuring multiple panels of prayer-spiritualists like Parson Hedges, but never once convening any panel that dares to operate with  the word “atheist.”  There’s even a panel headlining some “American Conservative,” but no, not an atheist, not now, not ever, because, as we know, the leftfraud depends on the credulity of its worshippers, who need floppy, obtuse spiritualism to continue their genuflections.

5. The left, what little remains of it,  must be resolute, it must be atheist, it must be nihilistic. Boycott the alleged “Left Forum,” and all the leftfrauds who will opine upon  the latest verse of “We Shall Overcome” there – the prayer spiritualists, Platypus, the academicians, the OWS branding kids, the on-going disaster that is the vanquished left.


  1. Love this bit.

    Found your site via Gail Zawacki’s “Doom of Dummies” post . You are right on: “floppy, obtuse spiritualism to continue their genuflections”: Brilliant.

    I attended a local series of events over the past fall, winter, and spring, dealing with public banking, ecological economics, environmental issues, etc. One of the final sessions involved watching a film with, among others, Joanna Macy. “The Wisdom to Survive”, I believe it is called.

    At the end, of the film, when we were all emotional wrecks, a singer traveling around the world on the fumes of her having been an acquaintance of Pete Seeger tried to lead the room in a chant. Her shtick is that we all have to chant some African thing simultaneously all around the world on a particular, and that will ….? Save humanity? Boh!? She handed around the shattered pieces of a glass globe she’d taken with her on her globe-trotting jaunt, and a bowl of these was passed around with the reverence of the Holy Tibia of Saint Agatha. We were advised that the shards, or globe, or whatever, had touched the sacred waters of the Ganges, and some other rivers, and so -by touching them- we were connecting our selves with all these holy rivers….! YIKES. You could see the room being made pliant to this. It was so obvious to see how cults form.. there should have been some sociologists or anthropologists there taking careful notes.

    All illustrating how fragile-brained we are.

      1. Thanks – that is great reporting, which really heartens me. You are absolutely right about “pliancy” being such a pervasive phenomenon, Which you describe so well. Other folks can greatly benefit from hearing of your dismay.

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