Sad, sad pundits of the nothingness

In the end, there never really was a “left” in America. It held no ground, had no candidates gain anything other than dogcatcher, owned no sites, influenced no legislation. A Venn diagram could be made, at great psychic expense and necessity of anti-psychotics, that would graphically present all the intersections  of the great and great punjabs and sahibs and penitents and sinecure swains of the “progressive” high culture centrists. This extremely tedious, enraging micro-project would then incorporate corporate greenwashers and establishment fascists to show, in the end, how it was all one  abstemious, snake-oil buncombe mess of lecternists.

St. Ralph Nader, the patron saint of all the academic left-iliberals, lauds, as one of his heroes, Amory Lovins, a complete and utter greenwashing fraud. Lovins, in pathetic turn, intersects with motormouth self-marketer Jeremy Rifkin, who intersects withe University of Virginia, which is an imperial corporate front, which – ad infinitum. Amory Lovins advertises his “client list,” a roll call of some of the largest corporate polluters and extortion rackets in the known legal universe – perhaps Ralph has been on retainer with them all these years as well, since there have been no (0) (zero) legal restrictions placed on the corporate supersystem in his lifetime – oh, yeah, forgot, he might have gotten a couple of porn websites shut down, he and Pat Roberston together.

Do you get the feeling this kind of anti-leader diatribe could go on forever, past and through every last putative left-liberal hero with a book contract and executive assistant and corporate foundation backing?  These commanders of “democracy,” of “people’s power,” of “renewable” “sustainable” banana crops and endless monologues about the better world that is but a school-wide recycling effort away, have been our modern-day monks, peculiar and puerile ascetic fantasists.

Given the establishment’s record of successfully infiltrating every last minor to major activist initiative, there probably will be an expose in the future documenting capital payments made to Messers Hedges, Chomsky, Albert, Graeber, Cockburn, St. Clair, Berman, Sciallaba, Frank, Sanders, Kucinich, van den Heuvel, Moore, to run the last figment of “left” into the dusty, morose ground – well done, fellas.

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