Hedges Again – Watch Out World

Chris Hedges, the Parson Weems of today and yesterday and further yesterday, dons his sackcloth to inveigh, shockingly, against porn! He’s not for it, or he says he’s not, from his pulpit, interviewing the latest anti-porn professor to resurrect the Andrea Dworkin crusade against that oh-so-dirty subject.

Jesus, if you are ‘gain porn, good luck to you  – the page views and money outlays, as even the Christian parson admits in his jeremiad against masturbation and its discontents, are  a tad on the high side. So now the evangelical hucksters of the far right and the anti-atheist Parson Hedges have made common cause, Huckabee and Hedges, ascetic left and right meeting over the world’s oldest source of hypocritical “morality” sex.The sexual proclivities of others. Not their own. “Intimacy” and “connection”  as the only desideratum, as if lust and love could never link hands in the same brain.  Regression to Victorian mores, once again.

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