Moderating Cowardice

Having been banned from a good many dissident/doomer/political blogs, and been greeted with peevish insalubriousness at a good many others, it is hereby ordered that nobody be “banned” or “moderated” or reverse-trolled, ever. These are words, good people, just chirpings, all and any, and any blog proprietor or newstream disseminator is just one of the birds on the wire – what power goes to little minds on little sites!  These are tremulous tin-pot commandeers of no-critical voices, who want only dutiful acolytes and parrot-squawking supplicants. Common Dreams, X-Ray Mike’s Collapse  of Industrial Civilization,, Dave Cohen’s Decline of the Empire, Paul Street, Ted Conover,  Orion Magazine  – a Hall of Babies. any one of those somewhat worthy refuseniks should have been glad for reaction , for comment, for interaction of any sort, but instead, there was only craptastic avoidance of challenge.

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