Endless BS from the Five College Gas Plant

Loath as I am to make the server farms enact more destruction on the earth, I cannot let the world continue to suffer from the CO2 gas index upsurge comign from the place I grew up, the Five College area of Amherst, MA. As long as charlatans and hucksters such as David Bollier tremble  the earth with their folkish piffle,, I must off-set here.

Be forewarned, I was exterminated from responding to this post from the good fascists censors at Resilience.org, in the person of some moronic vizier named Bart.

Here’s the post by Commons Marketeer Bollier: http://www.resilience.org/stories/2015-02-18/to-make-hope-possible-rather-than-despair-convincing

1. Hampshire College is no more going to lead the world to “sustainability” than its more corporately-endowed Five College neighbor tot he north, Amherst College. The Academy has produced trillions of word and hundreds of thousands of bogus “degrees” and used countless gallons of fossil fuels  to continue the American raj, and it the world has only gotten immeasurably worse.

2. Charlatans and hucksters like Bollier and Rifkin always use marketing ideology and marketing techniques to push their green capitalism, and they always see hope aborning in all the little pet initiatives and movements soon to be squashed all across our denuded world. . How about the trillions of wasted money and millions of dead  lives due to the on-going corporate devastation of all life?  What about the dead birds and neutered fish and hungry humans – doesn’t that fit in the calculus of collegiate and pietistic “hope”?

3. Ralph Nader, an ascetic, censorious conservative, supposedly “fought” against corporations. Okay, from here I sit, trans-national corporations own everything and direct everything. Why should this St. of the Folkish Set be celebrated for “fighting” the most losing battle in human history?

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