Fake and Pretend Eco-Warriors

As the backdrop to world eco-destruction,you can listen to two would-be martyrs  talking to each other:


Should all good green occupants of earth remove themselves from indsutrial civilization? Yes, says Guy McPehrson, who left his tenured job at the mobbed-up, corporate-funded Arizona University to raise bees and pack mud and go back to primitivo-living.

Only, Guy McP says in other venues that it was a damn mistake to drop way out, despite his knowledge of humankind’s impending doom. Whoops! Okay, then why do doomer folks keep listening? Withdrawing into a shell and lessening harmful impact on the world’s creatures is imposing self-martyrdom, and does precisely nothing to bring back the dead and extinct creatures, and has nothing to do with the fate of life on earth unless all 7 billion get the same mania for hermetic ascetism and instantly withdraw from all fossil fuel association, and that ain’t happening, no tin any shape or fashion, despite what hockey stick icon-maker Michael Mann of Penn State keeps calling for.

Jensen  calls for actions that he never does, and then writes a parole officer’s brief against the Black Bloc folks with fellow ascetic manque Chris Hedges.

No gods, no masters, no heroes  – just good old fashioned diatribia here, folks.

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