Against the Culture of Complaint

The only point to this micro- un-viewed blog is to set a record of nihilism for the ages. Yes, it takes valuable server farm energy to set this complaint and opinion blasts into the black void, but there is still a need for a clearing, resolute, mind-altering nihilist consciousness to prevail.

Every opinion, every complaint, should have some sort of greater point, but social reality is a failing and doomed institution. Social justice is in the hands of the destroyers and the fascists, despite the minor identity gains that have permitted the fiction of “toleration” and “equality.”  All the twitterings and blog wails and text anger and finger-waving does not, did not, will not stop corporate predation, horrific political stupidity, and apartheid-state support from the contumacious mountebanks in the lunatic halls of Congress. So who do who rise to oppose, in this or that condemnation, with this or that pretext, this or that research study or this or that historical buttress, for no outcome at all but more of the same listing, ruined nonsense?

There are women’s author photos freely distributed, even by themselves, that show women of stunning, world-definitional beauty. Beyond gorgeous, rapturous, artfully photographed and suggestive of empyrean realms of wonder, and who are they? Writers. They write books.  So why keep complaining about social reality when it can produce such free, magnificent love baubles?

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