The fateful crux of this little blogging enterprise, for which I’m about ten years past the zeitgeist, is the consumer need for regularity. What good would it be for someone to write toss-offs, and get something called views  ( I’ve had two in two years, two actual views, which was enough of a reaction from a cold, uncomprehending world, to encourage my delusions of having something to say until I die,  in various formata),  to ever not be clear about plans for schedule and regularity? What awful pain, what psychic distress, there would be to type in the coordinates of some far-flung yet congenial blog and get nothing. What kind of person would disappoint another subordinate fellow human being with such callous indifference?

Readers are the prize chattel of all human civilization – they should be treated with the utmost of concern and appreciation for their service to the vanity of the writer-manque.

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