Takin’ It Back

Every word posted here is subject to disavowal: I didn’t mean it, it wasn’t what I wanted to say, that is not the entirety of my position, I was frustrated, I didn’t know, I have since reconsidered my position..

The reasons for this start with the fact of being an (intellectual) minority in (social) ostracism while still holding a job that produces a paycheck. “Free” speech is a fiction, entirely conditional in this social supersystem, and I would like to continue furtively earning a decent sum of taxpayer cash as opposed to goring the sacred ox of my opponents. Social power resides with the enemies of human knowledge – religionists, authoritarians, the “libertarian” rich, money-grubbing fantasists, scions of corporate extraction wealth, poltroons, mountebanks, and other first-stringers. I know them well; I work alongside  them; they dominate the union I am in; I see them quite clearly. A blog, like a jokey dumb-comedy film by Seth Rogen, can only backfire explosively – its forward benefits are hard to hear, or fathom.

Humans harbor great enmity towards each other, and not small antipathy either – daily bouts of great, vicious, whole-body hatred of often arms-reach others, so it is often been good for self-perpetuation to silently suffer, and not bloggify about ignorant, irrational unions, dumb coworkers, or loathsome hopeifiers.

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