Commenting on the Left Commenters Aug. 23, 2015

To state the obvious, the Right is simply a vehicle for modern fascism, and to devote any scrutiny to Trump and the lessers is to waste precious neurons. but what of the beloved American “left,” that sainted institution? They sit atop another Bullshit Mountain,  forever mansplainin’ and hecto-pontificating without ever having a shred of political success-  outside of getting marginalized groups to join in the neoliberal rate race.

Today the chosen author, from the libertarian-authoritarian Counterpunch site (no comments, James Bovard, pro-climate change denialism) , is Henry Giroux. He’s not happy with the state of affairs:

The academic Giroux goes on, at quite substabtial length, with what all of know, have known for a long time, and can recite in our sleep. My twin books on the supersystem, available at, explain all of this is fervid, jaunty, crystalline prose. Without the ponderous Girouxian syntax, and without this at the end of Professor Giroux’s Hedges-level boremiad:

Yet, power however tyrannical is never without resistance. Dark times are not ahead, they are here but that does not mean they are here to stay.

Thanks, wonderful, that will have us dancing in the aisles. Power is “tyrannical,” but it has its good sides. So it’s kind of a mixed bag,eh, professor? So, we can “Resist,” in that all-important Leftie airhead term – resist, how?  Professor Giroux gets a paycheck from an institution – “resist” like that? Type some more angry words? Dark times are not ahead- is that what this gasbag truly means to have us end with? No? Then why write such a dumb sentence as your conclusion?

Nihilists know there  surely are “dark times” now, there are them ahead, there were behind – what one piece of evidence suggests that every “dark time” ill helpfully pointed out by the fantastically undynamic prose bore Giroux is not guaranteed by the workings of the supersystem?

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