How Not to Do It

Blogging with no views (0 views) is a stupid activity, but then so is so much else, so why not throw the dirt around a little?

A case study in how NOT to do this blogging gig is at, run by a person named Dave Cohen. He has never called himself a nihilist, and yet his posts are invaluable to a functioning brain, often dead right, well-researched, and uplifting in being thrillingly dynamic and combative. Yet the comments section reveal an authoritarian crank behind the curtain , a self-encased bilious proprietor.

No one should own the precious energy hog known as the Interweb, or whatever it is called. The proprietor of a brain capable of putting together novel interpretations of the human predicament is still a bag of protoplasm, not fated to ascend to some pantheon of immortality for being so smart, so intelligent, so brave in thinking so damn hard.  Who cares what some chirping nobody (like me) comes up with on the typewriter? I can make some basic sense out of the innumerable and ungovernable phenomena of the time, but the last thing I would need is some abject veneration of my super-intellect. We as humans are social predators fated to do profound damage in the basic order of our lives, so why should anyone be given some commanding power of superiority?

With respect to reality, humans by and large are simply oblivious. To be of the same species with them is for me highly embarrassing.

What did you expect of this world – supplication before your supra-cognitive capabilities? The universe has no use for crank-minded seething antagonists towards any one and all. The truth of social nihilism does not obscure the need to find personal satisfaction, such as in allowing fellow travelers to object to thoughts, or dropping the too-good-for-others line of bullshit vanity.

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