Optimism Heralding a People’s Revolution

Second only to the Christian’s supposed belief in an imminent return of their personal  lord and savior from Palestine, the left “believes” in some grand new world, another world that is possible, a “People’s Revolution” (Martin Luther King fan club director Paul Street) or  a progressive renewal, or some such (33 and one-third percent possible,  according to The Consumer Trap‘s Michael Dawson). Hope and change, hope and change, always disregarding the flim-flam of this now traduced mantra, and that of the chimerical, vaunted “revolution.”

Who knows? the positivist asks rhetorically about the future. The answer is  that we do, indeed, know. We can extrapolate pretty heartily from the available historical evidence to establish the ruling hypothesis that ain’t shit gonna work out, though this is against the folkish progressive faith.

Of course there have been gains since the deep, dark discriminatory past. . Gays and Lesbians can marry within the neoliberal framework of the supersystem. Blacks and whites can marry within the neoliberal framework of rampaging rich and doomed poor. People can type animadversions against authority within the neoliberal framework of mounting unjust social oppression. We have come far, so far, to be trapped far deeper within the interlocking crises of the neoliberal order. All we need to topple that damned pesky neoliberal order of the supersystem are just a few more fans of Dr. Martin Luther King, who will never age out of his epoch-dependent  60’s socialism into the conservative Christian anti-rock downturn of his core identity.

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