Jonathan Chait is very, very scared

“Good news on the Climate” announces the cover of New York magazine. Inside, we learn from professional centrist nobody Jonathan Chait that solar is getting cheap (never mind the books like Ozzie Zehner’s), the Chinese are going green, the Obama administration is doing a few things while the Republicans go batshit about that danged “science,” so we are supposed to feel better and keep shopping.

The predictions of what happens if humanity cooks the planet entail high levels of uncertainty. Scientists guess that failing to control emissions poses about a 10 percent chance of creating a rise in global temperatures that would make human life as we know it unrecognizable.

Right. Scientists: Just 10 percent. Nice, even number. Who are these white-coated analyzers of rampaging doom – coolly seeing a fireball coming their way, and saying, oh, it’s only 10 percent.  Who knows. Maybe it won’t be that big a fireball. Not for us – we’ve got a room to go to where that fireball won’t hit us. You- maybe not. Hey- can we keep getting those checks? 

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