More Giroux – Fun Times!

How could any weekend be endurable without another Hedges Giroux tendentious missive from the ol’ professor’s podium? The word count on this latest  is staggering, but his departmental chairman must wonder where the prof gets all the time to write such elongated prose for free – no papers to grade?

You’ve read this same bafflegab abjuration from on high since 1963 – America bad, American pop culture bad, all bad, here’s some cherce quotelets I wrote down on index cars because I want to save the world through  writing good little sermons for my teachers from big-time canoneers but, hey, little acolytes who can never be as prolix as me –

there is a need to create those pedagogical spaces in which shared faith in justice replaces the shared fears of precarity, hatred of the other, and a fear of the demands of justice. Against the savage brutalism of the new totalitarianism, there is a need to develop new discourses, vocabularies, values, desires, and a sense of spirituality that brings people together around a need for critique, passion for justice, and a desire for new modes of collective resistance and struggle

Hear that sound? That’s the same sound that’s been issued from the perfessor’s hipster don chair since the 60s. It’s a big laundry list of piffle.. Values, desires – “Sense of spirituality?”  Where do I get that, prof? Why, if we haven’t got it for 50 years, are we trying to get it now? Who cares about “pedagogical space” when it just another form of prison?

Remember, we are all destined for the same epitaph. The same epitaph that goes over every man, woman and child since the move to agriculture.


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