No one Is Really Trying

For all of the supposed benefits of “information” and “technology,” here is the ending from a piece of crap from a lunatic named Jonathan Porritt on Counterpunch, now descending into oafish old-goatism:

That means killing off coal and kerosene first, and then oil and gas, through technologies that are already doing the job, in an increasingly affordable way, for rich countries and poor countries alike.

Green techmology is making “things increasingly affordable” for rich and poor countries alike, damn straight Bill MicKibben log-rollee, since the term ” country” refers only to an abstract concept. As for the actual  people of these countries, the rich are going to get much richer and more stupid, while the poor are dying, will be dying, and will be dying faster thanks to green techmology’s corporate ownership.

I have returned from being an elected delegate to the NY state Public Employees Federation annual convention in Syracuse. I was a nihilist before the convention, and I am now even more of one. Thank you.

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