Minority in, well, quite a few ways

With so many birds chirping on the wire, there is not much in the way of an ability to make things happen via a blog, an outmoded contrivance at best, a fatuous waste at worst.

The purpose of this blogging is not to be heard by others, but to see the world from a clearer vantage point. Sadly, in a moribund manifestation of the limits of the space-time continuum, social nihilism is a very uninfluential, tiny slice of a slice kind of moral suasion. There are no political figures who are social nihilists; bullshitters and fraudsters from Albuquerque to Albany, but no out atheists.

Both intellectual and anti-intellectual, social nihilists are marooned with no hope of finding a passage out, since the society is run on various irrational traditions, all frayed and deleterious, but in no danger of being replaced. Religions and superstitions abound, but hale and humorous nihilism is almost never let out of its cage to counter these enduring idiocies. Nihilists do not win literary prizes, and find it difficult to find any work that matches a diffident social  outlook.

However, with not much ground to gain, nihilism can find its adherents  well-paying work, establish frontiers of interpersonal amity, and slither through any social or political trouble. There just won’t be more than a view or two, even a rare voice of agreement, as the near-entirety of the rest of humanity chases vapid, unbelievable horseshit, from astrology, to obsessive shopping, to familial chatter, to  novels.

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