The bravery of you

From the outside, from the bushes, there can be affirmations of unlimited bravery, as if no ogre in power ever used the lure of “free speech” to smite an enemy or nine. With Turkish prime minister Erdogan threatening Miss World, and our own pocket Mussolini, Trump, lighting fascist fires with every utterance, we should acknowledge that we  humans are ready to censor, decommit, disavow, and hide  our animadversions, should the going get slightly rough. We can talk all tough and righteous in little pockets of server farm playworld, but real honest folk have gotten real honestly murdered through our day for the crimes of being too correct for the powers that are as “be” as ours “be.”

No forum can provide a venue for the unvarnished truth – there are always calculations of effect, of reticence, of good old-fashioned fear and anxiety. Our age’s pathetic notions of the ultimate social worth of edumucation denies the mealy-mouthed default norm of profs and teachers – they, like all humans, do not wish to brought in the public square for crime of offensive speech or conduct. So, too, with blogosity – there are dismal boors and insane conservatives lurking just outside the white screen, so the edges of non-viewed posting are self-dulled.




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