COP 21 and Social Nihilism

Social nihilism, even its its mild, pet-friendly form, gets you “banned” often, as I am from a goo-goo think-tankers forum

The idea of “moderating” comments should have been absurd when proposed – only “acceptable” speech allowed, on the ‘net that is supposed to be for the people, owned by no one?  If anyone wants to comment, without laying instructions for violent acts towards somebody, then go ahead, let’er rip, speech is just chirping anyway? How tremulous of “moderators,” such as’s Dave Cohen, to insult, denigrate, and then BAN people from warbling a reaction to a typing message.  Say whatever the hell you want in the protected privacy of the ‘net, and see what happens – it can’t be as bad as this pusillanimous yet  authoritarian command to not allow objection and dissatisfaction.

A mugwump weighs in on the corporate-sponsored spectacle of Cop 21 in the anti-though ( being another bastion of schoolmarmish censorship):

The overall verdict of the Tribunal is that the Paris agreement will lock in the worst abuses of capitalism and guarantee climate catastrophe. 

The current logic of the COP, which isn’t sustainable, just, or innocent of multiple crimes comes with the clear intention of committing many more.  We need another logic and set of principles to guide us.  And we need a path to get there…

The Tribunal represents a possible alternative logic for a global agreement, one based on a very different conception of rights – of Nature, of human communities, and of future generations who must find a balanced way to live on Earth, if they, and she, are to thrive.

And though we surely don’t the upper hand inside COP 21, it is entirely possible that that is not where the real battle for the planet will be fought.

There is a different way.  All we have to do is enlarge the many paths to it that already exist, and create many more new ones.  This we must do, and this we will do.

The social power of the anti-corporate “tribunal” is 0. They surely “don’t the upper hand” at Cop21, they don’t even “have” a hand to speak of, so there is no sense in pretending, as does Kevin Anderson and Naomi Klein, that “there is a different way.” This different way has no basis in our social reality, or in biological reality. Species do not revert to lower, simpler, non-predatory earlier prototype species once they become higher, more complex, energy-dependent predators.  There is no way to “enlarge” any path with the corporate transnational corporations and power structures now in charge, and you certainly do not envision a brighter future with the same actors in charge. It’s as if you watch someone come in to ransack and burglarize your house, and then you call the police, and these same people come in, and they say they can solve the case, and you say, sure, what other choice do we have?

Do you see how social nihilism offers a fun, energetic, pleasant way to rise above the madness of our supersystemic predicamento? There is so much that is insipid, bullshit, venal, or dispiriting about our culture, but social nihilism coupled with personal vigor offers the only true human defense. It’s time has, for better but most indubitably for worse, come, and here is the spot to get the latest, the best, and all for free. Salut!

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