The Crisis of the White Family

Although science has conclusively proven that there is no such material entity that can be described as “race,” this culture continues to traffic in the designation, ignoring all the evidence that certifies that we humans are synapses, neurons, plasma, blood, DNA/RNA, chromosomes, photons, stardust, all the little reductive particles, and some some eugenic fantasy.

However, there is also voluminous evidence that there is a crisis of parentage and childage in the white American family. How could such accidental historical advantage produce such laziness, ignorance, hate-filled deviancy, and moronic submerged intra-familial anger?  America must secure an alcoholic Harvard congressman, like the unlamented dead  Daniel Moynihan, this time black, to study this epochal problem so that there can be interventions targeting this misperforming, misaligned, generational endemic culture of criminal thought and conduct that produces the endless lines of Donald Trump, William Kristol, educational consultants with bogus doctorates, and SUVS in house-sized garages. How can children be brought up in the lap of global luxury to  repeatedly think their parents lame, censorious, and stingy?  Why do the brothers and sisters find so little in common as they age, winding up in court as matter of practice? Why, with all that unearned material and psychic accrual of soemthing as stupid as “White Supremacy” is there an epidemic of mental illness, churlish non-charity, illusory standards of intellectual achievement, and bigoted, profoundly dumb judges like Jeffrey Sutton and Anoin Scalia?

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