Social Nihlism now a Certified Sensation!

The overwhelming response, from an adoring, chanting, nearly overcome global public to the publication of this social nihilism blog on a free site is beyond comprehension, unprecedented in the history of recorded human consciousness. Who could have ever thought that a series of, yes, well, quite insightful and rakishly debonair posts dissecting various putrid effusions of social uplift would have caused such a worldwide audience pandemonium that once greeted the Beatles, that once trooped into a 70s theater to see a Marin County theater play about little robots, that once made its way fortwith to get the first IPhone? The views of this month’s incredible, world-shaking posts now defies description or analytics, or even logistics or infometrics, because, to put it profoundly, what is the essential value of 0? As in, zero? Nothing?

There is a kind of hush, all around the world, with that loudest of all human murmurs, voicing: what is social nihilism? Social nihilism, is, of course, fun. Humanity has its gift of cognition, but it now has established a social reality and a social future that is bound to the power and destruction of the supersystem, which churns out awful, endemic, ineluctable social maladies like dead and starving children, relentless wars murdering civilians by the millions, the unhappiness of the slices of rich malcontents, and Frosted Flakes. There is no force to appeal to for redress, no divinity to compensate for this dismalia, and no way of even beginning a reverse engineering retrofit of this global industrial civilization. Just as climate change has killed the poorest and least deserving, so will the future hold disproportionate suffering, belying the liberal sentiment that

we are all in this together.

or that

the future is unknowable

The future, we know all too well. The science is bold and available, the images potent and reachable. The air is thick with preposterous optimism and gaseous moral instruction, but we humans are now well aware, but we just don’t want to say so. Yet there is inestimable value in collectively assaying the difficult truths, as we rock the house party, once again.



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