Real Social nihilism

Credulous opto-humans are forever chasing a guru’s crumbs, a seer’s fakes, an expert’s charlatanry. Here’s Kevin Anderson, a bureau-academic climate scientist, supposedly one of the “good guys,”  after COP21:

We owe our children, our planet and ourselves more than that. So let Paris be the catalyst for a new paradigm – one in which we deliver a sustainable, equitable and prosperous future for all.

Please let the man get his next paycheck. He has to feed his family, he has a mortgage, people who listen to him, models to tweak at night, a purpose of intellectual probity to uphold. Out come the pies-in-the-sky buzzwords – no, jesus, no he hit the bullshitarian  double trifecta all in one sentence:

Catalyst Paradigm   Sustainable  Equitable Owe Children.

Just say those words over and over, as a folkish incantation.

Of course, paradigms are worth just about as much as the name implies, because humans do not change them intentionally or gainfully.  The supersystem is in full social effect, and will not be affected by any gaseous emanations from the official lectern set.

A catalyst can also set off a horrific chain reaction, ending in destruction. Life is inherently not sustainable – it ends in death. Human social power has always been hierarchically based, in reality terribly inequitable.  No parent “owes” any child anything – that child must become the adult,  subject to all the normal vagaries and monumental worries of this or any age. What  do folks think  – they must remake all of the known social world for the carefree gamboling of their one and only precious brood?

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