And now, for the fun part

Nihilists will drive you crazy if they insist on continually accentuating the negative parts of the world, the social world, being human, standing in line,  other people, their cats, New Atheists, what’s on TV, and on down that morose, petulant, peeve-strewn computerfacebook line.

To be human is to have the gift of cognition, to be able to see many sides of natural experience, to strive for some fun.  The truth that underlies this extant ability is that we are all tied to our social reality.  There is only the slight extent that we can “change” the players and possibilities, and less than none that we can do of the great, global, massive social realities that do so much to determine the course of our lives. However, we are predisposed to see so much illusory agency in our own individual lives, so the crumbling of human social potential due to the effects of the supersystem becomes a viral depression, a creeping illness of complaint, guilt, self-valorization, vainglorious chirping.

Social nihilism is not anarchism. Here is a representative sampling of anarchism from an editorial in an anarchist zine called Avalanche:

The second element is certainly not new. It’s been years and years now, that anarchist comrades are repeating it and try to make something of it: the need for an international perspective based on a shared projectuality. If somehow the international already exists in each meeting across borders, in every collaboration that goes beyond the narrowness of the local situation, we should work towards a clarification and materialization of its projectuality.

That won’t work – social nihilism means an instant, visceral rejection of blatherskiting.  There is no need for   materialization  of anything – it is already happening, right outside your door, every day, every way. March against bullshitarians!

Our social reality, like all social realities, is inherited, vaguely comprehended by all, and destined for that ol’ cliche of the “dustbin of history,” though there are no more dustbins for sale at Wal-Mart. We are allowed to celebrate our temporary diversions, our lovely entanglements, our superior rejections, our brilliant sunsets. Have a nice day – that’s a command.


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