Although time and temper have conspired to deny and conceal this historical fact, modern corporate capitalism had, for many decades, Departments of Racism and Racist Iconography  (DRRI’s) working feverishly in their R&D and product development groups.  The masterfully stupid and inane claptrap of the late  Mad Men cable soaper glides completely past this truth, but an unholy alliance of business, advertising, and politics produced the ubiquitous racist eugenics  propaganda of the pre-war, WWII, and post-war periods, not by happenstance, not unheedingly, but from these very real Departments of Racism and Racist Iconography all throughout the Fortune 250.


How else was the Frito-Bandito conceived? Do you think this was some sort of embarrassing accident? To the contrary, Frito-Lay employed tens of carefully  selected, puling collegiate racists who painstakingly assembled gleanings from America’s racist id to devise the favorite caricature.

America’s colleges and universities  had Racism majors, in such corporate redoubts as Williams College and UC Berkeley, where fraternity psychopaths could gets dubious and fraudulent  eugenics training that continues to this day, but then constituted a pipeline to the creation of Aunt Jemima, Pat Boone, F Troop, The US State Department,  Ronald Reagan, Buckwheat, John Wayne, and other cherished cultural favorites. These shows, people, institutions, and advertising  were not made by unknowing, casual bigots, but by business criminals who were constantly shaped and guided from above, with frequent memos:

How can we make this more racist? How can we get the most racism out of white America to sell the most toasters? Where can we drop in more, more racism – we gotta move products, and racism sells the best, people!  Let’s make our holiday party replete with racist signs and games – racism gave us half our profits this year, people! Please be on the lookout for any new racist ideas or trends, because we’ve got to keep this racism franchise going, or else white America might stop buying what we’re selling! Aye, yay, yay yay.

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