The Kucinich Administration

Back in another eon, another allegedly “progressive” polito-mugwump type, Denis Kucinich, ran for President of the Entire U-Benighted States, and would self-refer to the “Kucinich administration,” as in, the “Kucinich administration”  will do this or that mugwumpian counter-terror action. Only, you know what never happened? The Kucinich administration. You know what was never within an ocean, a continent, a galaxy of happening? The Kucinich administration. The phrase should have been instantly greeted with howls of laughter, as should Sen. Bernie “Rebirth of the Spirit” Sanders every time he soft-shoes his way to the podium.

Only through the most undemocratic of systems, the US senatorial scheme, which rewards tiny, all-white people states with more cows than humans, to get representation of the national level, is Sanders more than a retired, highly annoying  emeritus co-op board member. He willingly sits on a racist, nutcase assemblage of pinhead blatherers called the US Senate, and has made fast friends with a few of the more congenial criminals among them – and now he’s going to take on the “fat-cat” billionaires? Like the Montessori Occupados who invented the ridiculous ad campaign of the 1% vs. the 99%, thereby exonerating themselves, every corporate-friendly, gas-spewing hypocrite of their friends, and all their pedestal heroes in some fantasy of us-morally good, them few fat-cat billionaires bad,  Sanders has no grounding in actual social reality, and is so unlikely a “leader”  as to call into question the seriousness of his followers. What bills has Sanders ever gotten to pass? What “socialism” exists in the depraved supersystem that we all live under? None. Zero.

Voting is an act of faith, and like all acts of faith, it is equal parts illusion, delusion, and confusion.  With no democracy for public viewing in the US, and with democracy itself an discredited ad campaign by the corporate supersystem, people are left to listen to the oh-so-wise words of a long-time extremely high-cost liberal arts college  president:

But this single-mindedness will not yield the flexibilities of mind, the multiplicity of perspectives, the capacities for collaboration and innovation this country needs. That is where you come in. What is certain is that the individual talent exhibited in such abundance here, needs to turn its attention to that collaborative, messy, frustrating, contentious and impossible world of politics and public policy. President Obama and his team simply cannot do it alone.

No, in this bizarre untrammeled world of utter falsification of social reality, President Obama and his team, just like the Kucinich Administration, will be on the phone with you shortly.


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