All that is solid remains solid right outside your door

As the world’s foremost site for developing the world-altering Big-Think concept of social nihilism, this site can become a Herculean task, , in its 360 degrees, 24/7, contempo-surround sound reach and range. What’s next to mock, or devour, or prop up, or smack around with a few cherce epigrammatic fusillades? For  the echt social nihilist it’s all nearly equal fair game – so how to prioritize the target du jour? That’s a proprietary trade secret – but the public should be assured, it’s the product of incredible behind-the-scenes algorithming  and zeitgeist metrical simulations.

No life should be lived in the pursuit of aphorisms, the collection of which is the province of dullards and monkish pedants. The great men and the world have not become pantheonsitas to instruct us all in the finest points of living through distilled classical knowledge that sums up one or more of modern malaises in some esoteric bon mot, to be inscribed in your latest book or given out to non-wittish students and paramours. For a certain brand of micro-leftist,  Marx is the master of all political economy, so they endlessly placard world-historical phrases, like this from the Grundrisse, (Parts I and II) found on his Live and Stoned in The Memphis Bowery CD.

All that is solid melts into air.

Ah, not true, micro-leftists. All that is solid takes eons to corrode. All that is solid is available for view at any of our most decrepit Rust Belt cities and former cities. All that is solid continues, and will continue. What melts into air is all the bullshitarian gaseous uplift that micro-leftists have dispensed into the rarefied atmosphere of the credulous peonage of the academy and the coffee house.   All that is solid is all that is in power. Its day preceded it, its day is now, and its day will be until there are no more days for humans.

All that is solid is in our landfills. One days our inheritors will have to dig it back up. No more living by vacuous aphorism, N-K?




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