How to Be an Atheist Nihilist

  1. The default position for humanity is now atheism – disbelief, non-belief, in unsupported religious or spiritual philosophy. There have been atheists before, there was even the tiny wellspring of atheism against the odious, moronic religion in the America of the 50s, but forthright, emboldened “new atheists” brought the brand out of the doldrums and established it anew, brightly and with great verve.
  2. These new atheists were of a kind, and have multiple faults that bedevil them to this day, from Harris’s rabbinical animosity towards Muslims to Hitchens’ chickenhawk conversion, but these are quibbles with them as suspect thinkers, not with atheism.  Religion can be rejected in sum, in toto, from its minor good to its easy path to genocidal hatreds of artificial in-groups towards out-groups, but this is one but one area of thought, and the rest can be easily be colored in with arrant claptrap.
  3. Once the matter is settled in the individual brain, there is really not much more to divine or postulate or entertain – no more need for debate, or engagement, with sadly irrational religious aspirants.  The atheist books and public thinkers could not be more clear or effective –  religion, from harupisy to the modern irritants like Karen Armstrong and wingnut Marilynne Robinson, is gone with the times.
  4. There is no such thing as a “militant atheist” or “atheist fundamentalism.” Atheism is a rejection of a line of thinking, a nihil to the positive assertions made by deluded religionists, but that’s it – then the hard part of thinking about the world and its discontents commences without supernatural assurances.
  5. Good luck to you. If you want to read nonsense that goes nowhere, then knock yourself out – this included atheists who want to debate religionists using their books of myth and superstition.  Throw them all away – they are vestiges of a human past can do us no good.

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