Please No Commnets, Ever, Please

One of the most dominant social realities of the post-70s western world was in the classroom/prison, where the poor, benighted, hapless teacher would pronounce the obligatory “Questions? Comments? Concerns? Questionscommentsconcerns? Get yo’ Comments heah, free, what you want? Any? Anybody? Anybody alive? Anybody thinking of anything – murder, perhaps? Anybody care to ever utter a word of engagement with what I’m saying? Hello? Please, please, somebody, say even a word, please…”

But there would never be anything coming from the students/prisoners. They/we were forced to be there. We weren’t professors profressin,’ we were students making zero dollars, with zero claims to an expressive identity. So the words of plaintive come-on, head round and round, year after year, classroom after classroom, fell upon silent, disaffected ears. Or there might have been a chatterer or two, afflicted with clinical delusions of existential importance, who rose to the bait to say some patently off-topic gibberish, which was greeted with head-bobbing affirmations from the resident in/destrector.  “Yes. Yes. Yes. I appreciate your comment. Thanks for sharing. Now I’ll just go jump out the nearest window.”

The same disease of non-expressive grifting grazing happens repeatedly in blogdom. The blogger/fantasist pour out finely crafted, impassioned rhetorical liquid gold, only to be met with  crickets, no comments, nothing, dead universal silence. This often generates intense peevishness on the part of the blogger/savant, or, even worse, if there is such a miraculous thing as a comment, it is met with unreserved, intense peevishness by the blogger/savant. How great I am/how stupid you are seems to be the sad, lonely lament of the intensely peevish blogger.


Or, if there is that sine qua non of halcyon Shangi-Las, an online community of commenter/slaves, the host blogger, in his intense peevishness, is venerated,lapped at, followed with abject group-follower obsequiousness, to the point where challengers are derided as trolls, CIA plants, sock puppets, fools, speak English a second language, did Chris Hedges piss on your shoes.

So feel free to zip through these postings of world-definitional social nihilism that references no Nietzsche, no Heidegger, no Foucault, and no fellow-blogger/peeve merchant. What would you ever expect to get out of commenting – appreciation  from the  host blogger/fantasist? Oh, we could argue back and forth, you could zing me here, smash me on the jaw  with a UFC kick of high-culture scholarship,  but what site has ever had genuine back-and-forthing? Not NBL, not Kuntsler, not Stop Me, not Decline, not X-Ray, not Alter, not Commonfolk Dream, not Morris Dark Ages, but only in the slightest, most juvenile sense  – A-News.

A comment? I wouldn’t know what to think.







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