Autism Required?

Since  this Internet jibber-jabber blog-thing has been around for decades now, the question must then come up for all the clickmeisters? Why keep typing? What’s been the point of all this server-farm tech-bubble rantin’ and self-advertisin’ over these post -Reagan years?

Fun Social Nihilism has come quite deliberately at the end of the blogopshere’s load. What was the point of wasting time in the early days pontificating in frantic nerd subsumption of will?  There was a world out there for us , lives to be constructed around life with a partner, finding an actual paycheck, exercise, home improvement, anything vibrant and frustrating and engaging, not playing whose the more autistic bloviator?  The hooking up of phone lines across the world has allowed a certain strain of positivist, non self-critical expert manque  to click-type-rant away as if the fate of the world resided on his, yes his, lucubrations. Kunstler, John Michael  Greer, Richard Heinberg – on and on, man after man, inspiring flotillas of easily tutored acolytes to to  type away furiously, having read a book or two, invoking a Dead White Male or a  hundred, forming world-straddling communities across the playgrounds of FAcebook, Twitter, Reddit, sci-fi clubs, burning the stored carbon from our prelapsarian past to feed this bit torrent, all to say – what again? To what social effect? To achieve this density of social stupidity – Cruz or Trump? Hillary of Hillary? Elegies for dead rock stars? Jobs nobody should want, no jobs for people that want them?

We all wish that the reigning Bilderbergians were replaced by our fellow unrecognized bloggers and commenters, and every could have a safe and happy holiday, and all the foolish consistencies of our entropic supersystem could disappear, but the definition of not having a communicable disease like autism is not believing in irrational self-deification. When should we desist from shouts unto the void?


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