Evidence for social nihilism?

That should get a joculer, hearty guffaw from the thousands now flocking to this site the instant it goes live. What news item doesn’t give evidence for the thesis of the entropic supersystem? Choose virtually any social institution, and there will be staggering amounts of uprooted corruption documented from hither and yon, which are not just US outposts.

This is not to say that a few improvements might not be made here or there, or that there aren’t  good folks doing righteous studies of these ubiquitous dysfunctions, but what of them – what hope is there against the tide, and not just in their pools?


Take the field of oncology. In America, people with means are being given chemotherapy up until the last moments of their lives, and probably past in a a few cases, in order to do, in order, well not really in order at all, but to the benefit of the oncologists, the unregulated desperation of the cancer victims, the Mafioso insurance companies, and waste pools. There are voices of sanity and reason in the palliative care field, but guess who runs the show on the final stage? The fat-cat, billing-happy, truth-avoidant  oncologists.

Take any other field of social endeavor in America, and it is beset by, infiltrated with, in the criminal control of , profit-seeking gangs of corporate power. Education, the courts, even leftish academia, work, professional sports, mountain climbing, fill in the blanks with your inherited specialty, they’ve got this horrific reality, along a few good-minded, conscientious refuseniks who go home bedraggled from being leaned on, disregarded, made to feel specious, consigned to this alternate reality where up is down, bad is good.

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