Professors Barred From Blogging

although funding is pouring in by the millions to this world-definitonal funsite, Fun Social Nihilism, no one here has the technical skills to produce the line graph charts that will change the world. In this hypothetical chart, one line would represent the number of college degrees, another the amount of college debt, another the total number of man-woman-child hours spent in academic classrooms, over the last 50 years. This triptych would show and exponential increase, of course. These Big Three would then be superimposed upon a graph of social problems – CO2, ocean acidification, economic inequality, religious criminality, Big Bank thievery, the big intractables of our supersystem. See the direct correlation? Education is a form of imprisonment, a societal release of gaseous buildup from toxic social cesspools.

This, then, calls into question the basic morality of the high priests of this paired devolution, the professoriate. what has been the purpose of all this edumaction if it cannot have altered the misperformance of established, myth-based social institutions? Yet, instead of answering this direct challenge, server farm blogging will be beset by those who have received social permission to expound upon whatever errant historical puff pastry arguments (Nietzsche vs. nurture, Christian apologetics, Adam Smith, William James, T.S. Eliot literary supplement, etc.) they regurgitate. These are the professors, or the professor wannabes, who will keep on keeping on, afflicted with aphasic self-talk.

Bifo Berardi, in Heroes: Suicide and Mass Killing, is much better than this bunch, but even he will ascribe “nihilism” to the Goldman-Sachs financial criminals, and Bifo will give you a quick tour of historical nihilism and  the word’ etymology to prove his point. Hedge fund criminals are not nihilists – they are believers through and through, happily chasing outrageous profits through fraud and other extortionate forms. Social nihilism demands disconnection from irrational pursuit of traditional forms of social destruction, like banking, or being a hired purveyor of propaganda for the American raj- perfessin,’ to be clear. Of course, if you’ve got to have a job, fall into whatever there is, but be clear in your mind and your private conversations about the fundamental stupidity of that job.

And, while we are doing that non-SN practice of dispensing life advice to the void, check out Joshua Oppenheimer’s Look of Silence. Fun it is not, but nihilism, that it’s got.

*Fun Social nihilism is a koan-free site. If you want Sayings to Live By, check out your local guru kiosk.

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