The Puerile Backlash Against the New Atheists

An infestation of blithering self-described non-believers castigates the New Atheists for having the temerity to be not them – John Gray, Jeff Sparrow, Joseph something, all still smacking around the Four Horseman well past the New Atheists’ time atop the charts.  Dawkins get cuffed around, so does Harris for being an anti-Muslim son of a rabbi, and on down the line, smiting  of each and every public atheist, none good enough for the libertarian mugwump pompous bore Gray, or the accommodationist Sparrow, or any number of timorous, book-soused ascetic tolerators of human cognitive waste.

What was the Q rating of atheism before the New Atheists? 0.1, in America. I can testify to that, being raised in an allegedly progressive, educational college town where all of us were smothered in religion-lite.  Religion, which is nothing but dogmatic irrationalism, was the default setting for public discourse and public institutions, though in a lame, moronic, forgettable way for most.  With the New Atheists, atheism gained  a public presence, once that neither John Gray nor Jeff Sparrow did anything to achieve. They can cavil and kvetch about any one or more pieces of obtuseness from these human thinkers, and there’s many pieces of individual folderol from these and all atheist thinkers, but there has no been greater movement for the adoption of social nihilism than the Newsters. Rather than bow before the namby-pamby schoolmarmishness of Gray and Sparrow,  raise a toast to some very flawed but collectively brilliant anti-religionists.


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