Jetsam Niftier How?

Since, by definition, to the social nihilist there is no meaning to be found in our existing institutions, we must make it, variously, under the spell of many illusions and evasions. the word “nihilist” is still be bandied about in this pathetic, hopeless political season, from all sides, against all sides, but only as a mindless epithet. Kerry and Clinton think Isis is “nihilist.” A Salon writer thinks the moron Palin rises to the level of the Nietzschean  as nihilist.

One pundito, formerly of Air America, Marty Kaplan, actually defends nihilism against the horde of brainless critics:

“Nihilist” belongs to a Western narrative about a God that failed. ISIS isn’t part of that story

Yeah, man! Score one for the home team. Only wait, nihilism, according to Marty, is only for adolescents. It’s jejune. Like, people,

There may be no God on high, but immanence – the godliness within us and within everything – is no less spiritually authentic, and has a lot less blood on its hands, than official organized religion.

Jesus, the “godliness within us.” Did he learn this from Deepak? Canyon Ranch? Hidden Valley Ranch? We are good, good stuff, but where’s the “godliness” when I am taking a shit? Can’t we just be the jellified protoplasm we know we are, and get on with the particularities of our uno life?

Bonus: Anagrams, yes, are jsut another form of chicken entrails, but it pains me deeply to reveal, that yes, the TMZ charges about me, and about Amy Schumer the joke-stealer are true: my full name is really an anagram for “He’s fine, major twit.”

Oh, does that hurt. WordPress no views hurt. No sales hurt. It’s really, really bad, though I am also “A Thermos Went Fiji,” which would have been fine if I were the billionaire maker of Fiji Water, and “Faroe Jew Tinsmith.” I do not think I am a “Jew,” but I do have immediate heritage from Europe, and there are usually one or two hidden Jews in that ancestry, correct?, making any person of  European ancestry  likely “Jewish” in some way, other than the fact that we are descendant of 100 breeding couples in the human population bottleneck, making race a recent, dubious invention. Further, “Ramjets Thief Wino” would stay away from the icy morass of race, and allow me to be quite lower class. Nah, let’s just finish with the title: my approach in all my writing in completely encapsulated therin: Jetsam Niftier How?



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