Jennifer Lopez, Diet and Exercise Tips, And Nihilism

The backdrop to all this  server-from opinion-slinging must be referenced: we live in many cultures, those of us in the west, and in one of them, Jennifer Lopez, age 46, is listed on the cover of a grocery-store magazine as having written an article on her diet and beauty and fashion tips and Wittgenstein fixation and able to cure cancer through toilet washing. Now, the first part may seem sane and enticing (Yeah, I’ll read that, why not?) and the second part preposterous, but, in fact, Ms. Lopez is 46 years old, must look completely unlined and flawless under the glare of airport-intensity lights and Extra, HD, so any guess as to her weekly plastic surgery bill? How many plastic surgeons and fish poison clinics must be doing  circuits around her villas to maintain those pristine, chemabrased sheens of skin – neck, arms, back of legs?

This is the definition of the propaganda of that popular cultural world: that what is presented as real is in fact wholly artificial, although we cannot establish this to the satisfaction of our fellow citizens, who so want to believe that the real is real. Do you think Meryl Streep, and all the other professed “natural starts,” are not in the same roundelay of cutting and slicing as Ms. Lopez? Do you think the NFL actually is engaged in weeding out performance enhancement drugs? There is no logical way, given the intersections of corporate money, performance demands, and the natural effects of aging and physical stress, that every one of the public arenas we, the unwashed, so cherish, is not completely and utterly dominated by the criminal employment of artificial means to present the appearance of reality. Similarly, all the professors and do-goodniks and lawyers and judges and supersystemic actors know now that they are engaged in criminal fraud in promoting their corner, but their imperative is to depict the artificial, the petrochemical insanity, as the real, as the correct course of affairs. So how can any moderately-thinking, semi-aware barstool stooge not see the nihilism that is the only antidote to the insanity of  this omni-charade?

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