Martha Coakley and Social Nihlism

In this world, there has to be some solace for finding out that there is not going to be any justice. This is sadness, of course, a bitter pill for a species more used to productive social predation, but humans do have a cognitive apparatus that can face dire maladies, disconsolate situations, the end of doomed struggle. Not easily, not well, but we’ve got it, and we here at Fun Social Nihilism have really  got it, in specially marked packages.

Take the idiotic refrain of the progressivist’s faith in “speaking truth to power.” Guess who gets to stay in power after the speaking is done? Martha Coakley, that’s who. A product of the corporate elitist American  educational mill (yes, okay one I have a deep personal aversion towards, since it is the one that I ended up at), she conducted a modern -day witch-hunt against the Amirault family as part of the Fells Acres case. Stanton Peele, in Psychology Today, took an unusually blunt approach towards the shame of Ms. Coakely:

Coakley did not prosecute the case, which was already under way when she joined the office as an assistant district attorney in 1986. But years later, after the day-care abuse hysteria had subsided and she had won the office’s top job, she worked to keep the convicted “ringleader,” Gerald Amirault, behind bars despite widespread doubts that a crime had been committed … the convictions won by the Middlesex DA in the Fells Acres case have not borne up well. By today’s standards, the prosecution of the Amirault family, who owned and operated the day-care center in Malden, Mass., looks like a master class in battling witchcraft.”

Yet Coakley never spent one day of her own behind bars. She has never paid one dime of reparations to the poor family for her unconscionable, horrific, evil exercise of prosecutorial power. And now she is hired as a part-time “instructor” at the BU School of Law to continue to pass on her secrets of abuse of victims of prosecutorial misconduct.

We here at FSN  could write a letter to the law school dean, we could engage in a campaign of creepy public vilification  of Coakley, or write serial letters  of chastisement to everyone and everyone like Ralph Nader seems to do, or else we could put a check mark next to social nihilism, where we can realize that the supersystem rewards liars and mountebanks, from Massachusetts to Timbuktu. The social world rewards ambitious, irrational cheats and fabricators.  And now, they’re fucking everywhere.

Once you know that that is the case, though, boy does life begin afresh, like clothes after the petrochemical dose of Febreze,  and all the news just keeps on ‘afallin into line.

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