Conterpunch, Alternet, Common Dreams

Since the dawn of time, or close to it, three websites have forth the banner of left-liberalism. The posts, essays, clickbait articles, reprints, views, and other nifty jetsams take up monster server farms in secret but threatened locations across the globe, yet they pour forth relentlessly, metronomically, dully, always refusing one bridge too far: social nihilism. Two, coutnerpunch and Common dreams, are repositories of fuddy0duddyism – anhedonic, pro-spiritual, folkish, libertarian, prolix, stupefying. The other is an official clickbait portal, 7 ways that 6 things that 5 ways. A lifetime of existential fret can be spent seated in front of these bastions of reined-in thought, but not here, not with social nihilism.

Here, the lead is “O ways to Beat the Supersystem.” Damn, that cuts down the clickbait readership to 0, but at least there’s some fun to it, unlike the libertarian-friendly, comment-free bore war of Counterpunch. What are these left-liberts up to?  Surprise – they are planting a stake in the ground against the New Atheists! Go, Team Hedges!

Wow, what fun, to be lectured, ad nauseum, as to how New Atheists are white supremacist Dick Cheney-loving capitalist Ayn Rand sexist freaks. Okay, maybe one atheist is , or maybe five are, or maybe there is an entire cabal meeting tomorrow at a Best Western. So let’s all go back to looking at chicken entrails, then.  You are never going to find fun and opposition at Counterpunch. Now it is Andrew Levine and Norman Pollack battling it out, thousand-words to thousand word pontificating blather, and we get ringside seats! Paul Street goes on Benghazi on Hillary – this will bring forth the People’s Revolution!

Yes! Magazine! can! show you how it’s all going to be so, so great in the future over at comment-censored Common Dreams, and there are always plenty of folkish folk beating the folk drums of social change over there, along with Parson Hedges and his psychic breakdowns. Alternet might have a sex columnist or two, but they killed the atheists that once gave them some initial juice back in the Stone Age, and now it’s a corporate hide-out like Huffpo, which hopefully has been strangled by its AOL sellout vines by now.

To really help, no human should ever visit these stupefying, banal, prolix sites again. There is a life to be led, far, far  richer, with genuine laughs and occasional tears, in the oblivion of social nihilism. You can breathe here. There are no pompous windbags parading monastic scholasticism against the hedonic atheists and nihilists  who are bored with pedantic persiflage. Our beloved  micro-left, dead once more, again by its own hand.


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