FSN, For The World

AS the world turns toward social nihilism, away from the arrant nonsense of Coke and Pepsi, Christianity and Islam, fake Democrats and real fascists, the barrage of opinions covered in essay cellophane rolls on, and the need to hire an outside consulting firm for the management of world domination by social nihilism becoems evident. Atheism, in its “New” brand, was flavor of the month for a good while, but now the typical divisions have burst forth to tarnish the goodness – white men, leaders manques, mansplaining, too cozy with conservatives and fascists, boredom.  Yet there are far larger issues currently swirling around the obloid rock, near-term extinction, sixth great extinction, poverty, economic injustice.

Here comes the new generation the rescue, fellow non-depressniks.

Kelly Mitchell, Greenpeace U.S. climate director, added, “The global climate movement is stronger than ever and we’ve seen important progress in the effort to keep fossil fuels in the ground, from Arctic oil to Powder River Basin coal.”

“We can’t undo the damage that fossil fuel companies have caused already, but we can prevent further harm and build a more just world in the process,” Mitchell said. “Our lives depend on it.”

No, the nature of social reality is dead set against Ms. Mitchell’s preaching.  There is no “movement” worthy of the name that can be documented – the Co2 levels are rising, have risen, will rise.  The damage that has been  done by the oil companies gave Ms. Mitchell her shoes, her laptop, her direct deposit paycheck system, her dog’s food, the asphalt in her condo’s driveway – everywhere and wherever.

To speak of a “just world” is sheer propaganda – that possibility has never existed.  The record of injustice, of the workings of  an unjust supersystem, are available with one step outside. Our lives depend not on justice, but on the smooth,  competent management of injustice. If you can stand looking, you will see this in the lives of your neighbors, the lives of foreign peoples, the fate of factory-farmed animals, the cries of doomed animals within the “awe” of vaunted Nature.

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