Antisocial Media

If you are about to go Facebook or Twitter or opinionate about some damn thing or another, then that shall be your duty and your calling, but there may be no point to what you are about to do. Bloggers on the corporate-owned Interents seem to enjoy being blogsite potentate, banning commenters  who “derail the conversation,” banishing trolls, fighting Dungeons & Dragons wars with clicking disembodied sepulchrae.

File “social media,” whatever the hell that can be, under the Who cares? genre/tag. If you’ve reached out and touched someone,  if you’re now connected to tribespeople near and far, then you are today’s modern tech superstar, that may be a warm, human exploration of identity and community for you, but that has not been the average experience, and there has been a lot of server farm wattage conducted to give deep-dish lunatics like you the idea that clickety-clacking can bond folks who otherwise would have fallen into non-social distress.

The newer age to come will present cultural construction of the maintenance of Juxtapositions, such as the ones that were ignored during the greed decades. All around the once moldy and decrepit enrivrons of the Ivies and lesser stood American bantustans, but who but a few lowly sociology outcasts such as myself were existentially chop-blocked by the absurd juxtapositions of immense wealth condensed in little halls of rapture surrounded by artillery-destroyed rotting old barns, bombed-out unoccupied factories, Appalachian row houses and heroin alleys?

The abandonment of so much former construction to reveal the carcasses of enormous wastes of technological manufacturing will be the environment of the northeast US. Yes, it has been that was for quite awhile now, decades upon decades, but those monstrosities, those plain ghettos, those observable revelations of social decrepitude,  will not be so easily dismissed by new generations of ambitious scions and heiresses.  Most folks drive blithely by these monuments to social horror, but when social supports for ignorant folly-chasing academia start to be snapped, social reality might start to intrude upon the ivory towers.Look on your way tomorrow, as you are motoring  to get your Jimmy Dean sausage,  at the dead apartments buildings, dead houses, or dead factories  in your Pleasantville – what do you think will happen to your properties?


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