Foolishness in the WordPress Atheism Tag

For some reason, religionists and spiritualists and godniks of all kinds put the “atheism” tag on  their wordpress blatherings, and those of us in the serious-thought (ST)  community have to sift through these sites to get to actual atheist commentary.

The operational question for those remaining upright in the ST community is whether to go bash these knuckleheads on their own sites with the odd bon mot of japery. Used to enduring Gaah-bother in our families, we should relish these chances to anonymously and furtively set the cosmic record straight with some well-chosen mockery, behind the green door of clicking communication. However, life’s too short to become some heroic Rational Avenger, seeking out lunatics in their own free domains to tell them that no, you don’t get a free pass on whatever faith-based bilge you want to pretend has a merit of reality to it. This could be some kind of play worth a few chuckles, but the better policy would be for the formless Thought Leaders of WordPress to issue a papal bull: only slap the “atheism” tag on your mutterings if you are in fact, an atheist. That will save the world countless insults and unpleasant accusations of stupidity, however well-earned by the rightist faithful.

You are free to join Senator (of about 5,000 white folks and their cows) Bernie Sanders in his public “thoughts and prayers” for the now-dead Scalia. Bernie, could you show how us how this “prayer” thing is done, and what happens after you do it? Are we all to go on our knees? Are we to look penitent, as if we killed the old fool ourselves? Where in the sky are we supposed to look? You’re all “colorful” and “brilliant” with the memory of this supreme jackass, Bernie, but at the mention of “reparations,” as is called forth splendidly by a visiting UN Commission to the US, you, Bernie, get all Don Rickles.


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