The 90s, the two-thousands, and now past the middle of the Two-Teens, and more opinions, on more blogs, utterly disconnected from the actual workings of capitalized power – why? What’s the point?  Shouldn’t the futility of posting opinions  in what has long, long become OpinioNation become as evident as bad ads? Should you or I care about your or my opinion about this, that, or the other grave social dilemma in the face of so much individual powerlessness against the supersystem?

By the brevity, but not koan-like woo aphorism shorter length , of Fun social Nihilism the vast readership of the listing planet should understand that boredom with expository mania is a wonderful human trait.  Pop songs are 3-4 minutes, sex lasts a few stretches of intense time exertion longer, but somehow we are supposed to sit as still as prisoners for hours to listen to or read monomaniacal pedants.

All of us are but clumps of activated neuronal pathways, capable of intense error, often nursing astounding grudges against the world, but there are far more ways in which we are capable of fun, communal comfort, like the prairie voles who lick non-familial others in their packs who have had rough days.

Our issues should be reduced to unanimous consensus, after sufficient deliberation. Abortion should be, and will be, available to all women who choose to not have a fetus become their child. If anyone is opposed to some woman’s abortion, then they should designate themselves the physical carrier to birth of that child, and then stay for life as the custodial parent of that child. Unfortunately, each anti-abortion lunatic will have to parent and house roughly  15,000 children themselves, which means a lot of parent-teacher conferences, but that’s what they get for their ill-formed OPINION.

They should also be taxed to support the installation of condoms at every bus stop.



  1. Huh. I think it’s a good thing to be exposed to opposing opinions, personally. Which I suppose is part of why I’m commenting 😉 . Totally agree with you about abortion, and that it should be available to all women. That last bit though, I totally disagree with. No tax money for condoms; I say use dispensers, and make people pop in a dime or a quarter if they want one. Saves the tax payers some money, and it’s a nice low cost for whoever happens to need a condom at or near a bus stop.

    My two cents 🙂 .

  2. Considering where the vast majority of the US tax money goes, to the US military and its DARPA bombing war machine currently in operation all across the globe, I’d say a dollar or two in free condoms from my paycheck would still be okay with me.
    Thanks for commenting, though. I appreciate that you took the time to read some social nihilism. Here’s to happy blogging.

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