Near Term Extinction for Humans

Awards committees have contacted this site, seeing the social truth pouring forth like a mighty river, as never before. To be fair to the competitors out there, however, all of the world’s most prestigious, 5-star award committees are clamoring for one remaining question to be answered by this new vein of quicksilver intellectualism called social nihilism: are humans head for near-term extinction (NTE)?

This profound  question is being pondered, ripped apart, mocked, and flagellated in the back corners of the vibrating human thought world, but the question demands a more humanistic, synthesizing approach than the mono-maniacal savants now peddling imminent doom according to their slide rules.

All of our hominin/hominid ancestors have gone extinct.

This is a tough one to absorb – obviously, this is not good. Whatever cleverness allowed our human forebears to socially kill and socially destroy will  also directly lead to major, ineluctable problems that will prove  insurmountable. Humans lack the social ability to form collective restraint upon their instinctual desires to take over, inhabit, control, surmount any natural terrain, environment, or obstacles. Our political processes must work at both the global and regional levels to stop this inherent drive, and boy is that lacking. There is no global political process at present, only the feeble ratification of the particular desires of super-states. Human may be technological marvels, but they erect completely corrupt, self-justifying institutions like corporations, militaries, and religions.

Near-term extinction could happen with the upswelling of a few factors, but much more likely are near-term social catastrophes.  Experts, scientists, computer knob twiddlers all can put more data and precision behind this looming reality, but every functioning human will be part of this next epoch of the Anthropocene, so a little democratic art will be called for, to use the benefits of big data and big science as a backdrop  to arrive at a personal understanding of collective peril and individual luck. Evolution will do the shaping of what human traits will survive and prosper during this cataclysms of heat and ecosystem destruction, but some heads-up  bullshitting about our immense common predicament might give this natural selection a better feel. Stay tuned.

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