The Universal Need for Exasperation

Humans are social animals, forever attuned to the presence and judgments of other humans. Communication, even of the clicking on small letters on a plastic keyboard, retains the social element, in all of its grandeur and pettifogging inanities.  There is a great deal of expounding and lecternism and hierarchical one-ups-personship available on the wires, all varieties of bullshit, not all of which is ignorable. Some bullshit has some fine and percipient ideas, or inspired vocab, or humane understanding, surrounded, though, by a bad wrapping of bullshit, such as going on and on, without surcease.

You will find all that, and more, in the reading you are exposing yourself to in your hectic day, but only in social nihilism is this exasperation at the chasm between reading desire and authorial intransigence avowed. There are lot of words out there, oodles of paragraphs and footnotes and fevered textual argumentation, but there seems to be version of psychosis that denies writers, bloggers, readers, upright bipedal apes on a stroll the right to protest exasperation at the cumulative futility of our full-throated communicative emanations.

How do I know this? I did a year as as graduate student in communications back in the early 80s at land grant state university,  and I know that never was a field of study less about what it was about in title. There was no communication there, and there is even less now about in this fair land. Ideas spring out, all the time, but they are never developed, never subject to the back-and-forth effective call-and-response of our better mammalian cousins, the warblers, whales, and newts.

Oh,  there some good peeping out there, but it is drowned out by the bellowing of speechifiers and anhedonic religionists. So here’s some all -important life advice:

  1. Don’t listen to advice, especially from those  who want to give it to you.
  2. Appreciate the good stuff.

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