The Narcissism of Selfies

The concepts of human  honor and dignity should be worth trying to rescue, even as the Information Age has seen the Greed Decade supersede the Me Decade and now enter times that are so parlous that no names need  be devised for them.

Being late for the party of the absurd known as social media, of which wordpress i actually kind of fun, I can state, if others have not, that the flavor-of-the-month known as selfies  seems to be given far too little censure. If you are an attractive person, say a male with male-model chiseled good looks, or a gorgeous woman with devastating and life-enhancing prettiness, then other people will vie for the chance to take your photo. Family members will ask to include you in their group photos. Your spouse will delight in taking your photo at opportune moments to memorialize the moment with your comely features.

But you don’t get to decide that for yourself. This is a social judgment that others perform for you. Puckering up your lips in supplication before a small Panopticon of plastic and glass makes you look like the most deluded, vain, self-valorizing of religious freaks. Other people will sing your praises in this world, not you about your stupid, horrific self, a la Donald Trump/Rush Limbaugh, two world-class American morons.   If you are a habitual self-idolator and self-referencer, then you are  freak, a profoundly misshapen mewling infant of public garishness who should be hustled off, fortwith, to the nearest Bellevue.

Let a human actually take the photo. Do not stare into an unmanned, stick-operated group selfie, as if in complete subjugation to some cargo-cult god.  Self -presentation is an important part of social life in the supersystem, but have some dignity – let others choose you to be the object d’art. Be conservative with your obvious gorgeousness. If you are seen in public self-attesting to it, it will start to wither, and you will end a horrid, surgeried mess.  Honor must be part of your wonderful beauty.

Disable the selfie function, and society will start to regain some balance.

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