Where have all my taxes gone?

My federal tax dollars are not guided to any worthy goals by any of my principles, so they have gone, nearly each and every dollar, to go to fund –

1.death-dealing bombs 2.  death-dealing laser-guided chemical weapons. 3.  killer robots 4.  the killer military robot overloads and their huge SUVs in their gated compounds. 5.  anti-abortion “adoption” clinics run by the clinically insane 6. bribery and extortion and ecosystem destruction entities known as “corporations. 7. DARPA. 8. corporate extraction-friendly rackets in corrupt federal agencies like the US Forestry service 9. bizarre, faith-based institutional scams like the US Senate, the US electoral process, and the Bush Mafia Family secret-service protection program.

The list, alas, is endless. One or two of my tax dollars might have saved a duck breeding ground or two, but it’s corporate lunacy-faith-killer military all the way.

Where’s your tax money gone?



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