Unfortunately, humans are  profoundly socially anxious creatures, given to making unconscious, instantaneous judgments about the social benefit of other humans they encounter. Social nihilism, even though it is rapidly gaining as the default Weltanschaung of the upright bipedal ape, fails at the synaptic gap – it’s for losers, malcontents, bitter-flecked  untouchables. Flavors-of-the-month, like the one-speecher, over-the-hiller Bernie, generate far more likes and fickle allegiance from the ever-hopeful progressives, who can easily ignore that the senator from the land of a couple of bed-and-breakfasts has never authored a single bill that made it through the assemblage of Christian lunatics known as the US Senate. There’ s not  single dollar of the revenue stream of billions that have flowed into the Mafia of the US “health” insurance racket that he has disturbed, nor has Obamacare don one thing to give this totally unnecessary extortion racket even a bad night’s sleep.

Other splinter sects like anarchists like to imagine a free world of free exchange and free donuts, but no human community could ever stand such beneficent egalitarianism. This species is completely suffused with thoughts of adjustable power, always alternating between servility and command of the social moment. From the cradle to the birth family to the greater wider destinations of the hither and yon, the human brain is seeking out threat and favor, making unformed and often incorrect alliances with their representations in social reality.

How should humans then collectively organize  a world-wide system of governance to guide its own predilections for predatory behavior  and irrational  delusions?  Keep typing, it’ll come about, right?


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