Fun Social Nihilism comes after the great efflorescence of the Internet – way after, decades after the dream of Tim Berners-Lee was set into motion. As a mass cultural phenomenon, the Internet represents colossal failure, along with every other mass cultural institution that humans have devised.

Berners-Lee kept the Internet, or the World Wide Web, or whatever it was that he cooked up, free from corporate domination – he sold it to no one, and affixed no price tag attached to its use. He was staggeringly blind to the corporate monster waiting to devour his and others’ creation of instantaneous communication via phone lines and computers and airport-sized  server farms , and so now this glorified clubhouse has become thoroughly infiltrated and owned by hideous nerd capitalists like the phony, blatantly sinister overlords  – Googles Brin and Page  and the Amazon jackass Bezos.

Just as the 60s hippies forgot to figure out how to stop corporate capitalizers from gaining even more power to eventually own them and everyone else, coders and techies and geeks let the supersystem stumble its way around the nascent Internet to now paste fees and ads and intrusive surveillance technologies all across the polluted globe. The simple act of looking for information subjects the user to ferocious targeted selling of consumer, invading what should be a pure intellectual exercise with the stink of big-business propaganda and corrupt marketing.

Google should be nationalized immediately in every country it does business, with its technical services managed by basically competent, middle class state workers. Brin and Page were parasites who hopped onto Berners-Lee’s information source,   and they have done nothing but subject the people to the world to more haranguing, hideous popups and falsely marketed websites.  Oh, they may have initiated one or two high-concept non ad-dominated services like Maps or Books, but that could have been done just as well without the corporate creep overtake.

Fun Social Nihilism publishes in  the completely degraded surround of the the current Internet, in the same venue as libertarian crackpots on 4chan, Chrislamic propounders espousing dogmatic irrationalisms, intern-penned Twitter updates from surgeried auto-tuners, clickbait traps for hopeless shut-ins, the social morass of whatever Facebook has become before its demise, shouts of spurious non-insight generated by the burning of fossil fuels by the overmassive server farms sited in poor backwaters of our poor earthly abode.

Whatever fun can be had after all the gigabytes of useless caterwauling have be sent into the infinite universe by this electrified system of wires, and there certainly must be still some pockets of it, these spasms of instant pleasure,  such as can be found here and increasingly only here at FSN, , are being erased by the ads for scented ass-bucket candle holders, 19.99 plus a lifetime’s subscription to Amazon Prime.

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