Also, Bespoke Zarasthrusters

The fatal condition of the present-day intellectual, like that of latter-day intellectual, is to act, speak, and think as if the world is forever aborning anew, right out of the person’s christic protoplasmic self. None of that is true – the intellectual authors no memos of authorization, and the social world is a bespoke (awful British world) version of the one inherited at birth.

Neither you nor I will adjust the world to our freest imaginings, despite the swoonings of  the philosophes of antiquity and the Up-with-People academic industrial swindlers of today. This is complex, interlocked human civilization, and its puerile, corrupt institutions are constructed out of the debased DNA of its forebears, the ones that gave the world the S&L catastrophe, the Inquisition, the Desaparaceidos, the Trail of Tears, Tears for Fears, the entire documented lot.

Not, though, to the putative micro-left that is all that is left of the secular humanist wave of the Enlightenment. These paladins of hope/change  would like, and refer quite openly to, “single-payer” as the solution to America’s unhealthy care complex. Fine, wonderful, great ideas – but let’s get back to the earth we all live on. The total value of the US health and insurance market is estimated by one internet site as precisely $696 billion dollars.  That’s a lotta scratch! For what? For nothing – there is not a single action of value in that $696 billion that could not be done better, more efficiently, at a tremendously reduced cost by governmental (as is the case in the rest of the world) single payer. So the US health insurance racket is the Mafia – no, bigger, stronger, more entrenched, and the Mafia ran some nice Italian-American festivals. But Aetna, UHC, all these monsters, are straight corporate criminals, destroying the financial well-being of millions of American citizens, feasting on the suffering of the extorted populace  of the entirety of American nobodies.

And we just vote them out? We politely ask them to leave, to give their money back, to pack up their belongings in their gated communities and come back to the street corner to make an honest buck? That is preposterous – the Mafia of the US Health insurance racket has given up none of that, and in fact grew even fatter off of its criminal enterprises under the fiction of Obamacare “reform.” Institutional corruption does not die – it recreates itself in new forms, branches out, transmutes, seeks out new sources of profit.

This lie of  impossible, ridiculous “reform” is presented before every US institution – the courts, the classrooms, the prisons, the banks, the transportation systems, communications, the gamut of the supersystem. Life does not contain the promise of social conditions being constructed anew by each generation – these social realities  are suffused with the dead, fascist, authoritarian markings of prior generations. Other countries have their institutional problems, of course, but none have the Mafia so fattened, so in charge of obscene profit-taking and the corporate advertising and political  propagandizing, as the Unhealth Insurance you must, by law, purchase  through corrupt work and premium/co-pay forkover,  or by umemployed simple forkover of the last few dollars you’ve got left after the rent.


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