Reality TV and Atheism

Every cause needs to think that there is some progress being made, even social nihilism, even with a proud 0 (Zee-ro)  viewing heritage. This I much easier for atheism, which is raising it Q value even as its loses its flavor-of-the-month Top 40 status in the Trumped U S and A.

Back when we were young, in those pre-progressive days,  the three channel world of network TV featured many game shows, talk, shows, up-close-and-personal dramas of interpersonal display and communication. Not once was there ever a self-announced atheist revealed during the chit-chat phase. Not on Password, not on Family Feud, not even on the supposedly egghead venue of Jeopardy. No one ever told Richard Dawson, or Allen Ludden, or the Newlywed show whoopee doofus, or “Joker, Joker, Joker” player-to-host repartee./dull verbal self-depiction portion of the show, that” Yeah, Bob, by the way, I’m a proud atheist.” The country, presumably, would have shit their collective pants at this pop culture heresy, and burned the accountant from Dubuque at the stake, before the commercial break.

Yet, now, after the intrepid vainglorious of many folks, headed by the now-clayfooted Four Horsemen, along comes Isaac Toups, third chef left standing on Top Chef, who, when confronted by the assignment of producing food fit for “Clergy,” calmly states to the up-close-and-personal camera that “This is ironic, since I’m an atheist.”

Damn, that was beautiful.  Unbelievable, at first, since this was said so matter-of-factly during the half-asleep section of the night-time viewing hour. Did this brave chef actually mean what he said? Has the world shifted ?

Surely this glut of Reality TV mania has produced a few other self-disclosures of atheism, maybe Puck on Big Brother, maybe a sweetheart or two on the affecting Dating Naked,  but no one at Fun Social Nihilism has had time nor inclination to watch much else of this faux competitive folderol, so Isaac Toups will have to take the Stonewall prize – look how far atheism has come in this religion saturated supersystem.  Sure he lost after this salutary announcement, and the “atheism” comment could have been the foresignal of doom to the corporate schlockmeisters at Bravo (the idiot fans could not have taken a victorious atheist, could they?), but landmarks happen as much in popular culture as in the bogus, moronic field of jurisprudence.

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