All Social Nihilists are Palestinians

To be fair to the process of writing social theory, the disconnect between the measured, sometimes banal tone of prose and the blast-off, rage-fueled basis of social nihilism should be identified and given a rousing appreciation.  To live in this supersystem with a social nihilist understanding is to live in constant self-shadowing, conducting games of passing and basic self-censorship that are common to the tactics for survival employed by fully marginalized groups of people, such as the Palestinians living under apartheid rule.

Now, of course this is a stretch – if the social nihilist is not living as a ethnically identified or racially stigmatized Other, or is is not a member of a horribly  persecuted sexual minority Other, or is not a victim of the economic class structure of an modern imperial power, then identifying with one of the world’s most intensely persecuted minorities can be seen as grasping for victimhood self-ennoblement. But empathy is supposed to be a positive human trait, and  there are threads, however thin, that can tie the intellectual opponent of the dominant sociopolitical order known at FSN as the supersystem, elsewhere in the clunky neologism neoliberalism, or crony capitalism, or in the David Watsonian branding of the Megamachine,  to the on-gong enslavement and dispossession of the Palestinian people by the Netanyahu/Obama alliance.

So what is it like to live as a someone who will never see the acceptance of their views as the rational expression of humane knowledge?  You holler at the TV a lot, which can be quite annoying to life partners, you hold your words to a twitchy dull babble  at work – basically what prey species do in the presence of dominant predators. and also what prey species do to survive in their birth  families – observe the tensions, seek uncontested territory, maintain strict confidentiality to true desires and intentions, move and adjust as the thick cords of power snap around overhead.



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