That would go for so many of our established institutions. The Internet is a one web for one side, one web for the opposing side. Academia persists in exhuming the dead classical gas of antiquity, then pawning off the disconnected cerebrations as somehow “education.” How many server farms, how many dead trees and pools of chemicals swirled to make the wood pulp are this physical world going to produce to continue the vain chatter?

Andrew Ross, in the 2003 classic No-Collar, writes with great verve and ethnographic sensitivity about the soul-crush stupidity of the modern e-workplace. Decades of extremely expensive “higher” educations have been mutated into careers at these loathsome “humane” techno-shops. Billions of dollars toward tuition in the last 30 years, and all there is to show for is a Precariat, and also a  Trumphshow of blubbering inanity, and sexist corporate slacker advertisements.

Shut them all down now, the Harvards and the Yales, the striver state u’s, the lesser and farther and the mighty alike, if all that  phony  learnin’ goes into the making of what are simply updated peddlers’ careers.

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